Working in a darkroom is both fascinating and therapeutic, bending over chemicals, watching inky blacks emerge from the white paper, getting away from everything. And anybody can get access to the Baldeck Darkroom at Vassar, you just have to do a few things first.

1. Email Phocus and request darkroom access. You must attend a short dark room orientation (about 15 min.) OR if you don’t know that much, a longer workshop/refresher course (about 1 hour) before getting full access to the dark room.

2. Once you finish the orientation, you will receive a quiz via email, which you must complete and send back to Phocus. (Please use only your own knowledge for this, do not consult outside sources) We will email you back with your results. If you get them right then you can pay the fee and begin working in the darkroom.

3. In order to get card access to the dark room you must pay the fee of $30 for the whole year and sign a Dark Room Contract which need to be handed in to Ann Lynch in the Campus activities office. Once you do this, Ann will give you card access to the dark room and you are free to use it at any time during the year!

We know that not many people are familiar with working in the darkroom, but its a refreshingly tactile skill. We spend too much time on our computers and making something with your hands is very rewarding. Phocus wants to help you in any way possible if you are interested in darkroom processing. We will have workshops throughout the year to expand your knowledge and skills in the darkroom. If you would like to set up a personal appointment to improve your darkroom skills, please contact us. Also, email us if there is anything we can help you with.