Distortions by Andre Kertesz

In response to his photographic study, ‘Distortions’, rather than pontificating about the arbitrary nature of the photograph’s objectivity, Andre Kertesz simply remarks, “One can give what explanations one wishes of this work; all I can say is that making them was very exciting, very amusing.”

As an imigrant from Hungary, Kertesz joined a circle of Hungarian artists in Paris. He soon became enamored with ‘The New Objectivity’, an attitude originating in West Germany proposing a turn to the factual, to the thing, to the subject as a practical engagement with the world. The series ‘Distortions’ began as a humor assignment for the ‘girlie’ magazine Le Sourire. He had already began experimenting with distortions using water, glass and mirrors, interested in its formally visual nature. His  explorations continued when he had two mirrors brought from Luna Park, Coney Island into his studio.