Portroids is a project of exceptional uniqueness. The premise is this: the photographer (we have yet to actually identify him), goes up to friends, family, strangers and celebrities, takes their portrait with his polaroid camera and then asks them to sign it. He combines the practice of the casual headshot and the crazed fan signature. 

A few f.a.q.’s later and we get a clearer picture of his methodology:

Are there official rules regarding portroids?


Rule 1 – all portroids must be signed by the subject

Rule 2 – all portroids must be signed before the picture develops

Rule 3 – only one portroid per person

Rule 4 – only one person per portroid

Rule 5 – no “retakes” of portroids if the picture doesn’t turn out just how you or I would like it

Rule 6 – all portroids will be posted on the official portroids website and will not be removed

Rule 7 – all hardcopies of portroids will be kept in a photo album at my house and will never be sold or given away

Have the rules ever been broken?

Yes. Most all of them.

Why did you start taking portroids?

To document and archive all the people I’ve seen that I know, or know of, since October 2003. I collect people. I mean I collect action figures, which are little people. They’re fun to keep in plastic prisons (like real people – captured in the prison of the white Polaroid frame).

 See more Portroids here. All photos are the property of Portroids. Enjoy!